Cancellation of the Annual Trophy Show

Due to the deteriorating general conditions, which among other things have led to the cancellation of the Bundessieger-Show at short notice, the VDH Board has decided not to hold the Annual Trophy Show on January 8-10, 2021. We hope to see you again next year at one of our events in good health.Titles

Further information about HUND & Co (tickets, show program, industrial exhibitors, etc.)



Online catalogue (free)

According to the FCI exhibition rules the free online catalogue for both shows will be available from 08 Januar 2021 at 5.00 am. You can download the catalogue as a PDF-document or view it directly on your smartphone or you can print the needed pages at home.






Rules & Regulations

Vaccination Document/Pet Pass

The dogs being brought to an event (show) must have a proof that they have been vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before the start of the show (bring vaccination documents/EU pet pass). The rabies vaccination is valid for 12 months from the day of the vaccination. If a longer period is to be made valid, then this extended period must be noted officially in the vaccination documents or in the pet pass in the field marked „valid until“. If a dog receives a re-vaccination against rabies within the validity period, then the so-called 3 week deadline no longer applies. For primary vaccinations, the dog must have been at least three months old at the time of the vaccination and the vaccination must have taken place at least 21 days before the event. 

Areas for the exhibitors beside the rings

Specific areas (shaded in the hall plan) solely designated for exhibitors can be found in each hall. In this way we ensure that the evacuation routes in the halls remain clear and unobstructed by equipment (pet carriers, grooming tables, chairs, etc.). In these areas the exhibitors have the opportunity to prepare their dogs in peace and wait for the competitions. We request that you make use of these designated areas near your ring. Our staff is available to answer any questions and will show you your respective spaces. Because of security reasons it is forbidden to use crate fences. No dog boxes are provided.

You will find the ring plans and more information on


You can order Online-Tickets for your companions. Follow this link:

Driving Directions

The Messe Hannover is easy to reach by car or train. Please make use of the parking spaces Nord 1 and West 44. More information on

Caravans can be placed on parking spaces West 37, 39 and 44. There are no electricity or water devices available. The price per day is EUR 7,-. 

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